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Dinosaurs. Kama Sutra. Self-flushing toilets. Victorian England was surprisingly modern. Every time I write a story, I discover new and amazing facts. Little things that one never thinks about in the normal course of events. Like how many pockets did a man’s trousers have in 1882? Or did men’s trousers even HAVE pockets then?

I blame my love and fascination on Awaken, My Love, an erotic time-travel romance and my very first published book. Elaine, my modern-day heroine, travels to Victorian England and like myself at that time, had no idea of what to expect. We were both astounded to learn that toilet paper, sanitary napkins (I pored through twenty books to find one sentence mentioning their existence) as well as flushing toilets existed. The answer to the pocket issue? Both Charles and I were very glad to discover that men’s trousers had pockets. Where else could he have rested his hands?
Okay, I won’t go there.
Imagine, the research on Awaken, My Love was done without the internet. Now the abundance of historical knowledge available online makes research so much more fun...and timely! One of the most amazing compliments regarding my writing and research came from RUSA (Reference and User Services) of the American Library Association: “Her history is impeccable; the storytelling is straightforward but emotionally driven.”
Wow. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to have the research I love so much to be recognized by the American Library.


USA Today Bestselling Author Robin Schone is the recipient of the Romantic Times 2008 Career Lifetime Achievement Award for 'Most Innovative Historical Romances.' She is published in thirteen countries, including China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and Spain. Scandalous Lovers was chosen by RUSA (Reference and User Services of the American Library Association) as one of five books to represent the "wide range of historical fiction in romance." Claims RUSA: "Robin Schone writes sensual, explicit stories...about characters who are frequently older and less beautiful than most romance protagonists. Her history is impeccable; the storytelling is straightforward but emotionally driven."

Robin is an independently published author as well as being published by both US and International publishers. If you are interested in acquiring rights to any of Robin's works, please contact the appropriate agent/publisher below.


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What the Critics Say

  • [The Men And Women's Club] is not what comes to mind when I think of erotica, although the sex scenes were really well done, and they basically talk about nothing but sexuality. Honestly, it’s so much more than erotica, because Schone tells a really fascinating story that deals with sexual repression and how dangerous it can be.

  • Awaken, My Love provides a refreshingly funny commentary on the time-travel genre. Elaine’s trials regarding chamber pots, makeshift maxi pads, and social sensibilities like unshaven legs underline such astounding oversights in other books that readers may never again be able to accept a sloppily written, unrealistic experience of waking up in another century.

  • Emotionally Believable.

  • There's a lot more than explicit sex—although there is plenty of that—to this frankly erotic romance, which takes a hard look at Victorian double standards and the penalties for women who ignore them and with feminist aplomb puts everything into perspective.

  • Schone again displays her talent for highly erotic scenes and descriptions—even without the sex. Before Rose and Jack engage in sexual play, their passion burns the pages. The research of 19th century marital laws and women's rights [add] texture to the plot.

  • ...Probably the first 53-year-old eunuch to be a romantic hero.